Beat the Holiday Stress Migraine

COVID has changed the holidays, in some ways making life more difficult and in some ways making life easier and more fun. While we can now gather for the holidays, some are keeping it to immediate family only. Some are requiring merry-makers to be vaccinated to join gatherings. Traveling is allowed but may be difficult due to COVID staffing constraints. On the plus side, we have learned how to keep in touch with friends and family using video. Online shopping has become mainstream – and we are good at it! Unfortunately, this has also created a demand that shipping channels are finding difficult to fulfill on a timely basis.

Hopefully, one or more of these suggestions will help you help keep your migraine sensitive brain remain calm:


  • Decide what truly needs to be done vs what you think has to be done

  • Have realistic expectations - it doesn’t have to be done like the magazines

  • Plan ahead - make lists to stay organized

  • Ask for help or delegate tasks

  • Be flexible - be willing to do things differently

  • Pace yourself


  • Stay very well hydrated

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule

  • Eat whole clean food - try to limit processed foods

  • Beware, chocolate can be a premonitory migraine craving or a trigger

  • Avoid or limit alcohol intake

  • Take breaks - go for a walk, and get fresh air

  • Breathe - make time for mindfulness


  • Shop online - the earlier, the better

  • Stores are less busy during dinner time

  • Mail cards and gifts early


  • Resist overscheduling

  • Decide ahead of time how long you want to stay at a gathering and stick to it

  • Have an escape plan; don’t be afraid to implement it

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