Eating for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

The holidays can be a wonderful time of family, food and fun. However, it can also be overwhelming and a prime time for migraines.

While there are some things that may be unavoidable, there are things you can to make a difference.

  • Don’t skip meals earlier in the day in anticipation of the large holiday meal; this can bring on a headache or migraine

  • Beware of seasonal scents that can trigger headaches; if you know the host/hostess, contact them ahead of time and ask them to avoid using scented candles and decorations

  • Have an escape plan: crowded places can be full of unexpected noises, bright lights and odors; shortly after you arrive, search for a quiet place to where you can retreat if you become overwhelmed and/or need to take medicine

  • Stay well hydrated; dehydration is one of the top causes of headaches

  • If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation; opt for white or light-colored wine over red or dark liquors. Alcohol can lead to dehydration

  • Try to avoid your food triggers by sticking to the most natural and unprepared foods, veggies, fruit, bread, and simple grilled meats.

  • Try to stay away from deli or cured meats and aged cheeses, food items containing MSG or diet beverages with aspartame.

  • Bring your own appetizer and/or side dish you know you can eat without any trouble

  • Keep your medicines on hand and take them early at the onset of headache or migraine

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