Gifts for People with Migraines

If you need inspiration for your loved one who lives with migraine, here are some suggestions:

  • A blanket and a thoughtful handwritten note

  • Gift cards for massage, yoga or meditation

  • Gently scented herbal pillow and eye mask

  • Migraine head wraps or ice packs

  • Essential oils and a diffuser

  • Blackout curtains

  • FL-41 tint and blue light blocking glasses to provide relief from fluorescent lighting

  • Audible or Kindle subscriptions

  • Gift certificates for prepared meals and services for things like delivery from their favorite local restaurant, housekeeping, or handyman services

  • Give your time as a gift: migraines can be debilitating and basic things can be overwhelming, like grocery shopping, cooking, straightening the house or hanging out with the kids

  • Gifts to avoid due to the possibility of triggering a migraine: scented candles/lotions/soaps, perfume, Tickets to events which could cause sound or light sensitivities, products that create flashing lights or noise, common trigger foods like chocolate, wine, cheese and meat gifts

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