Maintain Good Baseline Health

May was a rough month for me, with severe migraines haunting me most of the time. Unfortunately, June isn’t looking any better yet.

When I get a migraine, I can drive myself crazy, asking myself, “What did I do this time?!” So, what I do to help stop this question from going round and round in my head is to review what I call my “baseline basics.” This is my self-care list that helps me maintain strong baseline health: sleep, hydration, diet, stress, exercise and supplements.

Have I been sleeping well? Am I getting enough sleep? Did I drink enough water yesterday or over the last several days? Have I been eating well? Did I skip a meal or wait too long to eat? Am I stressed out about something? Have I exercised enough? Have I been taking my supplements faithfully?

Asking these questions helps me know where I might be slacking. When there are more yes’s than no’s, that means my baseline health is strong, and my usual triggers are less likely to bother me. When my baseline is strong, I am less likely to have severe migraines. When it is weak, any little thing can set off a migraine that can last days or weeks.

Use my list to help you maintain a strong baseline health. Or, perhaps this list will help you know where to start the next time you get a migraine and your brain is screaming, “Why?!”

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