WHY Do I Have a Migraine?

For the last couple of days, my husband has had awful migraines. I could hear him asking himself, “Why do I have a migraine? Why?!” Over and over again, he went through a list of things he did or didn’t do, ate or didn’t eat in the days before. As he was leaving for work this morning, he was getting more and more overwrought. So, I stopped him, gently put my hands on his face to get his attention and told him, “Nothing. You did nothing. You have a disease - migraines just happen sometimes. Let it go for now.”

But isn’t that true? Sometimes we ask ourselves over and over, “Why do I have a migraine?” Sometimes to actually figure it out and sometimes to almost punish ourselves.

  1. If we are in overwhelming pain, how effective do you think the problem-solving part of our brain is working? Are we really in our rational mind at these times?

  2. At some point, does asking this question over and over become a sort of punishment mantra?

While I have migraines most of the time, when I have particularly bad days and am at my worst, I, too, will ask myself the question over and over. In the future, I will try to wait until I feel better to try and answer this question. I will also start tracking my migraines again, either on an app or on paper.

Remember my friends: you have a neurological disease, and sometimes migraines just happen.

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